Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-03-27 23:48:38 (UTC)

fancy resturaunt....dont belong dollhouse

My friend for her birthday she invited me to go to this
resturaount witrh her parents and her. I wenr with her, it
was so fancy there. Evorything was so proper. it was french
and all the ppl that work there spoke french. i have never
felt so out of place in my life. it was a litle dollhouse
with dressy ppl that dont bend. and they pull out the chair
and let u drink chardonai and eat salad that costs 20
dollars. and treat u like you are gold because u are a
payingg customer.it was so nice there and i felt
so.....improper and i felt like i did'nt belong there at
all. it was a resturaunt where u had to dress up in fancy
clothing and had all the silverwerein the right place.

Mary J:"Rainy Days"