Queen Bee

2002-03-27 23:17:47 (UTC)

what i really want.

over the past couple of days i have realized exactly what
i want in my love life. i want to be loved. i want the
person who i love to love me so much that they would die
ofr me and i would die for them. i want to be loved so much
that that other person cant live without me. i know it may
sound like a lot and i only want that if thats the way the
other person feels about me. im not gonna force them to
feel that way but thats what i want and im pretty sure that
thats what everyone wants sooner or later. but i just want
it so bad. i want to be loved by someone so much that we
can just sit there and talk. about everything and nothing.
but also so in love that when were together we dont have to
talk about anything cuz we're so comfortable. i jsut want
to be loved and i know that b/f loves me and i couldnt be
happier, but i want to know what he wants. if he wants the
same things as me or different. i dont care what he wants i
just want to know. but hopefully he wants the same thing.
gotta go. goodbye all. i love you all.

:::looks up from staring into her b/f's eyes with a big
grin on her face and they vanish it the night:::