I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-03-27 23:16:00 (UTC)

Babysitting, thoughts, and so forth

Well. I'm in the computer lab at school because I don't
have the energy to go to government today. I got all the
way here and couldn't do it. Bleh. I need to find a paper
with all the summer classes listed. Hmm....I will find that
today before I leave.

I babysat for Brandyn again last night. It was 2.5 hours of
hide and seek. It was really cute. Basically we pretended
not to see eachother in the most obvious places and then
yell "BOO!" as loud as we could. The puppy had to
participate as well, and by that I mean following me around
at my heels and then trying to hide with me. Cute though.
It was really a good outlet for me. It was just thinking
about where to hide, nothing else. After hide and seek, we
colored. Well, Brandyn gave me crayons and told me what to
color. He didn't like it when I tried to do my own thing.
Then we got into a big debate over the color brown. We were
drawing rainbows, and he handed me the brown crayon and
told me to put it in my rainbow. I told him that brown
wasn't in a rainbow and that I wouldn't do it. He asked
why. I have no idea why brown isn't in a rainbow. I really
don't care to be honest. But that wasn't a good enough
answer for him, so he stole my picture and added brown to
my rainbows. Never get into an argument with a 4 year old
cause there is just no way that you will win. Oh yes, and
don't get into conversations with them either because you
will end up feeling worse about yourself. Here is what
happened. I was sitting at the table with him while he was
eating pizza and I noticed it was raining. I called my
brother at home to ask him to make sure the window in my
room was closed. He said he would. When I got off the
phone, Brandyn asked who I was talking too. I told him it
was my brother Travis. "Oh" "Does he have a sister?" Yes I
told him, I was Travis' sister. "No you're not! You're a
mom!!" "Brandyn, I am not a mom. I don't have any
kids." "So you're just a GIRL????" he asked in a shocked
voice and with a huge suprised look on his face. I assured
him that I was and then he says "But you are REALLY OLD!!"
Thanks kiddo. I really appreciate that. He's too cute to be
really pissed at though.

I had a chat with Pete yesterday before babysitting too. I
know that I love him. Of that I am sure. But I don't know
what, if anything, will ever come of it. We're not together
and are both free to do what we please. And that's fine. I
just.....I don't know. I wish that life would just give me
a fair shot once in awhile. I always seem to get the short
end of the stick. I fall in love, but then the person whom
I love is very far away and it just won't work. I miss him
alot, but there is nothing to be done. So right now I'm
just living my life. I haven't found anyone interested in
me here, so I'm just taking it one day at a time. I really
can't think about it too much. I just need to ignore the
(lack of)sex life that I have. Otherwise it gets really
depressing. But it's not that bad at all if I don't think
about it.

My parents are getting antsy about my finding a job. I
know, I know. But my finding a job just isn't all that
interesting to me. I really need to get my ass in gear on
that one too. Maybe tomorrow after my one and only class
I'll go around application filling out. I really need to
find something.

The nights have been so beautiful here. You could sleep
outside and not need a blanket. It's just perfect. The days
could be a bit cooler, but hey, ya can't have everything.

I did go to lunch with Jessica today. We went to Panera. It
was really good. Though it did eat up my $5 that I had with
me. She really is a sweet girl. It's weird that she's so
much younger than me. It's weird that I'm the oldest person
in most of my classes. But again, what is there to do? Just
bite the bullet and deal.

Wow, this was a very long and involved entry. If you've
made it this far, I hope it was worth it for you. I'm off
to screw around more instead of go to class. Hasta.