The Xdruggie Files
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2002-03-27 23:12:32 (UTC)


God, I swear i am 27 going on 13, with the emotional
stability of a 13 year old girl. I am just not right in
relationships. I guess it all goes back to my first
boyfriend....who i found out was cheating on me...i was
totally co-dependant...then with greg (next bf) i was
counterdepedant and wouldn't get close to him....One would
think at 27 one could have a normal relationship. I am
actually at a healthy spot in my life....so why do i drive
myself crazy? god, i hate to listen to people ranting about
their realtionships, but this is my forum....and it'll get
it out here. i am going to my first meeting of aftercare
for sexual compulsivity tonight so i hopefull will get this
out of my system.

Love my new job. My first shrink came into the store
today...it was great to see him. I will see him
professionally again soon. Like tomorrow :)