meaning of life,love ,and death
2001-05-18 18:27:40 (UTC)

life after love?

life is sometimes fun and most of the time it is mean and
painful. maybe it is just me who knows or wants to know. i
will never know and perhaps i don't even care. i sit here
with a razor to my wrist and slowly slice to let the pain
out and it can't leave me because i won't let it leave. but
i want to be gone and all yet i love the pain. i think i
love the pain and that is just sick. i wonder what life is
like after my death or eaven if someone would notice if i
was dead and gone. i still have no answers for the
questions i ask and i know that i never will have answers.
i ask the questions that have no answers because i hope i
can find the answer every one wants to know. maybe i want
to know too much and i can't handle the pain of being alone
i am not sure. i know that a fist full of pills and some
vodka would take care of all my troubles i could say good
bye once and for all.maybe i should should get back at all
the people that have ever hurt me the ones that are the
truely evil people i know i could kill in cold blood that
is not the question here. the question is how to get
revenge do i blow up a school here and there or shoot at a
star and take away someones hero. or do i look down that
barrel of that 9mm myself and say good bye to all the
motherfuckers who ever hurt me may u rot in hell for all
enternity. who the hell knows or even cares