i have to be perfect

i hate my life
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2000-12-16 19:07:05 (UTC)

December 16, 2000 Hey all, I..

December 16, 2000
Hey all,
I am here to complain I guess about how much I really
hate my life. To others who know me and see my life, I have
the perfect life. I have rich parents and I am an only
child which means I am spoiled rotten. I know that their
are people starving and who do not have clothing all over
the world, but I can not help but wish for more in my life.
Money is not everything in this world although many people
would sure disagree with me completely. I am the most
unhappy ninth grader in the world. In school I make all A's
and I am in the "popular group" although I am nothing like
any of them. Being in high school and having morals is
basically not allowed.I deserve to be outlawed from school,
which I of course would love to happen. The people at my
school have begun to break my inner spirit. I was once one
of those happy girls who were always smiling and had the
best bodies in all of school. Everyone was envious of me.
But then, everyone became bad, and I am not bad. All of a
sudden being the All American Girl is not what anyone
wants. All I think I really want is for my mom to stop
working for a day and spend time with me and for a guy to
notice me. I am always having older people tell me how
gorgeous I am, but guys do not care for me. Well, that is
all I have to say for today, have a great day if you read
this. If you have read this I would love to have you emial
me at [email protected]!!!! I love making new
friends. Love yall all~the depressed girl

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