my pathetic life
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2002-03-27 22:19:24 (UTC)


well i was just trying to play this rufio song on my bass
called road to recovery. its fucking hard. im close but
stillnot there at all, its so fucking fast. im such a loser
when it comes to bass cuz i just want to be good that if i
cant play a song perfectly i get frustrated so much, and
then i get angry and psyco. well i no ill get eventually
but i want to play it NOW.

well today was the last day before spring break. my
birthday is over break and two of my friends made me
brownies! it was soo sweet. well every time one of my
friends has a birthday i bake them brownies. ive never had
friends give me stuff for my birthday, well unless i had a
party. the brownies were yummy. and a boy made me brownies,
hes a sweety (i think he might like me but thats another
story). and one of my friends was talkin to me and we were
chating about sumtin and he was like after break im gona
bring u sumtin for ur birthday cuz ur really nice and nice
people should have sumtin nice done for them. even though
he probly wont do it, it was so nice, it made my day. it
was a warm and squishy moment for me.

well i think i wrote sumtin bout one of my friends hitting
on my all nite at a concert but it doesnt matter. well one
of my friends came up to me the other day and was like "are
u goin out with him? cuz his sister said u were" that
freaked me out cuz it was just radom and out of the blue. i
was talkin bout this with a couple of my friends and one of
them likes him. im pretty sure she got mad ot me. but tis
not really like i did anything wrong. but o well, girls are
to and i dont like it

"pull my life away, all i ever wanted was an escape. i wana
feel, i want to. i wana feel like the only way i can is
through this"
-ten missing days

those are the boys that i love