2001-05-18 17:37:34 (UTC)

well hi .. it s been quite..

well hi .. it's been quite awhile since i've written in
this.. but today is friday the 18th ..

i have gone to work out since tuesday .. tomorrow will be
five days this week .. so i'm getting back on track hre..
but they weren't kidding when they said be patient and i am
learning literally a new meaning for the word.. no matter
what though i am trying to hang in hre..

i was given this wonderful tip to put lemon in my water and
at crves the gal said to limit that because even though
it's a natural diuretic in the long run she said i'll lose
more without.. but .. in my opinion .. i believe it is the
best tip i've been given.. so the question is to drink or
not to drink .. well it's the only and best way i've been
able to drin water yet so the ... the lemon stays and it
sure beats sodas or diet sodas.. and .. it is better than
coffee.. in which i must add my flavor .. so this is the
best avenue and i believe it is the lesser of the two

anyway .. not much interesting to say today .. still
pluggin away .. will keep this u posted.. however i think
for me i have decided not to measure there every month but
to go every 2 or 3 months instead.. wish me luck .. i sure
need it.. and good luck to anyone reading this engaged in
the same battle.. women of the world unite.. :) and men too
for that matter.. it isn't talked about as much but some
share in the agony i know.. take care.. have a great day !!