Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-03-27 22:03:51 (UTC)

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 2:58:05 PM

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 2:58:05 PM

Hey, hey, heeeeeeey.........., Gabba-gooooooooo....

I'm working on my new resume (converting it to the
functional format), and my youngest one is sitting on my
lap, tryyyying to get comfortable so he can get a
nap. "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" is on the boob tube, which
reminds me of the boys, most likely from their idolizing of
their antics and the resultant mimicing of that said toon.

Well, this Saturday, I will become an official member of
the Church, going through both baptism and confirmation.
We still have one more month of classes, however, but it
won't be for preparation of this Saturday, but more of what
we are all called to do...........

I originally wanted to just blurb about this or that, work,
life, etc., but I think I'm just gonna say what's on my
mind, et alia. I've been reading the Bible lately, and am
on Numbers now, and also read through some Gospel from
John. On television, we were treated to about 3 or 4
specials about Jesus' tomb, the speculations about his
life, and death, the passover feast as described in Exodus
and Leviticus. Whichever way you look at it, to die a long
and excruciating death by the hands of tribal animals is
the ultimate lesson in humiliation and senseless
murdering. We are weak, but we have the capability to
overcome it, so why don't we......?

I've spent a lot of time lately also installing the debian
distribution of linux onto my other computer and trying to
get it to talk to my windows machine via ethernet. I've
met some moderate success--I know how to specify each of
their IP addresses, and with the help of software known as
Samba, can share (and mount) each other's drive into their
own filesystem. What prompted me in this endeavor was my
wish to have a computer upstairs, but with my only other
monitor, a Hercules amber monochrome. My question was
answered by the web in that there was an xserver for linux
capable of working on monochrome, I just
had to try........... My current problem now that I'd like
to work on would be to get this xserver running on my
windows machine to telnet into my linux box and display
color..... As part of my ongoing endeavor in learning new
ways to program computers, I installed java onto my linux
box, but it doesn't support a display with a bit depth of
one, namely monochrome, so I may get it to work this way,
instead. For some reason, my linux machine won't accept a
telnet client, but I think that I need to run a telnet
daemon and configure it accordingly.....the HOWTO's are
invaluable in describing these solutions. As an aside to
this endeavor, I was inspired to once again dust off my
resume, polish it, and send it around looking for computer
type work again. I hope I can continue to do this, and
keep my level of interest in it....

My current job is strangely non-compliant, though. I keep
sensing a feeling of unrest, as we are all reduced to work
only a handful of hours a week, and with Kmart closing
their stores around here, they were some of our biggest
customers and sources of work hours. I think there are two
camps really--hang on to this job, find some other work to
supplement; or totally ditch this one and find a better
one. I feel caught between the two.

One last maybe blurb that I have to get rid of is that I
finally saw the movie 'Das Boot' with Jurgen Prochnow on
TCM, and was absolutely amazed at the quality of content.
When I was a kid in Manila (father being military), I
remember standing outside of a movie theater waiting to get
in to watch 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger', and there
was this other marquee next to me which was 'Das Boot'.
The visual of the poster art captured my sense of color and
I was repulsed yet fascinated by the grittiness and
dirtiness that I saw in there, and it never left me, up to
this day. The movie was unarguably excellent, and Prochnow
played a damn good and convincing captain down to the final
end. TCM, as a matter of fact, has been playing other
awesome flicks that I randomly happened to catch, two of
which were 'Mutiny on the Bounty' (with Marlon Brando)
and 'My Man Godfrey'. 'Mutiny' was just plain good,
appealing to my sense of honor in duty (like Worf in STNG)
(Brando was good), and 'Godfrey' I couldn't believe had
such many razor sharp repartee's for such an aged flick
that I couldn't believe what I was watching. I am reminded
of our required reading list (notably Pride and Prejudice)
in which was displayed this also sharp wit. ('Shakespeare
in Love' also comes to mind for some reason).

Okay, no more blurbs left, I suppose. Until next time?
4:02:05 PM