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2002-03-27 21:56:37 (UTC)

Romeo and Juliet

I'm still not finished with my romeo and juliet summary.
I"m getting bored of it. =( I'm on the very beginnin of Act
4. After the PLAY summary, i have to do the MOVIE(the old
one, not the one with Leonardo diCaprio and Claire Danes)
I'm listen to Good Charlotte(motivation proclamation) right
now, to keep me awake...I've got GOOD NEWS tho!!! SUM 41 is
comin to TOWN.. FOX FEST 2 @ GM PLACE. I'm so gonna be
there! I missed EdgeFest(that means i missed the following
fave. bands of mine: Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, New
Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World and Kittie)last summer,
there's no way i'm missin FoxFest2(Gob, Goldfinger, Sum 41,
Well, i gotta go. take care.

muzic: "In Too Deep" -- Sum 41

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