2002-03-27 21:08:23 (UTC)


I did something that I haven't done in a long ass time. I
stayed on the phone for six hours! I didn't intend to stay
on the phone that long....it just happened. The last two
hours was bickering on who was tired. You know me.....I
rarely get that sleepy. When we got off the phone it was
5:05am. We had a cool conversation. He asked me a whole
bunch of questions and I asked him some stuff too. He seems
cool, but a lot of people do in the beginning. Overall, it
was straight. I said I wasn't going to mess with it
anymore, but some how it came back. His cousin works with
me, so I guess that helps too. I don't expect anything from
him. And I told him not to expect anything from me because
being with someone is the least of my concerns right now.
He seemed to be cool with it, but I guess I'll have to see.
We both established that we flirt a lot. I called him a ho
and that kept coming back up. Why do dudes get offended
when they are called a ho? If you know you don't like
it....shit, don't call females that. Dudes are backwards.
Lets see what else......we just talked about different
situations and how we would react if in that situation. It
was cool. Well, I just wanted to note that in my diary
because it might mean something one day....w/ me
though....I seriously doubt it. HOlla *J*