the ups and downs of my life
2002-03-27 20:42:59 (UTC)

im sick:(

well i didnt go to school today b/c i felt dizzy when i
walked around. we had a two hour delay and i wanted to go
b/c i was going to have two tests and i wanted to get them
over with but it ended up being that they both got movved.
so im happy one is tomorrow another is the following wed
and another thej following tuesday.

well life is going pretty good.. but its funny how things
work out u know. i mean do we really control our destiny
or is it fate? well maybe its a lil bit of both.

well still no boyfriend and its not like i desperately
want one. some people think that they are losers b/c they
doont have one but i have never had one and i dont think i
am a loser.

well we get to color eggies tonight for easter. i dont
think i will ever get tired of these lil traditions except
i hate when they change. every year we would color eggs
w/my aunt, cousin and gram but this yr its just my mom ,
brothers and my mom boy friend of 5 or 6 yrs.

u know what else i dont know how i will feel if my dad
ever finds someone else how i will feel. i mean ewhen he
an dmy mom got divorsedand he married my stepmom(who is no
longer in the pic) i was in 2nd grade to 4th grade and i
thought it was great he aws getting married and didnt
really know what was going on w/ the divorce. but now that
i am older an dme and my dad r much closer now that my
step mom is out of the pics me adn my dad have been
getting and i can say "i love you" to him when i couldnt
b4. so i dont know what a new woman in his life would od
to oyur relationship, which i treasure. well i guess thats
it for now