lesley's life
2001-05-18 16:43:36 (UTC)

day two

dear diary,
well here we go again am just in from work shit
again. but the money is well needed.last night went okay as
a told you that john was coming over but the only thing was
a coundnt be alone it just doesnt feel right just now
proberly be like that foreva but shit happens a keep saying
that but it does. athink a should be able to go with john
but ma wee heart wont allow me its shit aint ita only wish
a could hate christopher but a cant and thats the problem.
a think john understands but a still feel sorry for him as
hes soo much a good friend and am only using him to get
over chris but it slowely aint working a dont jo what am
going to do fuck life hurts!
This morning a had got two txt from christoher that a
missed cos a was sleeping a wish a had got them aswell he
was asking to go on line but then a glad a hadnt as we only
start fighting and saying hurtfull thing to each other
which a no a dont mean a dont no about him tho."they a was
like ok get over it lesley hes only being a friend asking
you to go on line." so a sent one back saying that awas
sorry that a missed it!!! then today while a was at work a
got another txt from him saying that he still loves me and
it driving him crazy!(driving him crazy it driving me
crazy a thought you were ment to be dead old when you start
to feel like this it so driving me crazy that a love
someone as much as a do with him and no a cant have him
anymore)av truely messed up on this one aint a but a have
changed.so hopefully chris will call me tonight coz we
really need to talk a only hope we dont start arguing cos a
want to put all that behind me a want to start fresh but we
will see youll proberly get to hear this tomorrow night or
tonight what ever.aw well al need to go now cause a need to
get ready to go to the pictures(me lesley-anne,jon brown
not that one tho the wee army one ha erm keran james and
keith)that hould be fun whooo aw well write back tonight

love lesleyxxxxx

p.s lesley loves christopher 4 evaxxxxxxxx