ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-27 20:04:56 (UTC)

My cRazY niTe

***Shit, i couldnt even get to bed last night even
though i was tired as fucking helll....

Lets see, well my Parents went to this concert for
some band ive never even heard of before, so i was tOToaLLy
home ALONE all NiGHt.... cha-ching! so of
course, i invited Christopher over and we chilled for
awhile. He brought over JAy and SILent BOb STrike BAck,
but we couldnt get the damn DVD player to work (fucking
electronics!!) so we watched SLC Punks for awhile (luv that

we stuck some Schmirnof Ice's (however u spell it)
in the freezer and went up to my room to have sex. Then we
went back down, drank the Schmirnof's, and took some shots
of Parrot Bay. (now, knowing ME and the LIGhtweiGhT that i
am, i got pretty fucked up. We were acting all stupid and
stuff and we were just like watching Linkin Park Videos on
MUCH MUSIC (channel 341) So we started making out, and i
waas just like 'wanna go upstairs?' and he was like 'sure'
so we started to go, and i totoally fell down! i fuckin
couldnt even like get up and walk, so i started crawling
and eventually Chris just grabbed my arms and pulled me
up. But i had to crawl up the stairs ( soo...
fucking... sad.) SO we started to fuck, no wait,
have 'sex' and the stupid little bastard comes so fast!!!

i swear, the only time that he didnt come fast was last
week, like the day before Flogging Molly. We totally made
love for like 2 hours. it was soooooo great.

Well anywayz, he came on both of us (i didnt care) so
he was like 'do u wanna take a shower?' and i was
like 'ya....' so we both went into my bathroom
and we only made it to the door before we both started to
totally make out. it was fun! he picked me up so
he was like holding me, but my back was against the door
and we just stood there sucking face. FInally we made it
to the shower, where we made out even more. Fuckin A,
that was the best experience.. we were like all wet and
stuff, and we were just all over eachother. we were
actually going to get it on in the shower too, but it was
kinda hard since we were both standing. we were in there
for like an hour! he he so eventually we got out
and dried off, and i felt so stupid because i couldnt even
get my damn shirt over my head, so Chris had to help me.
Thnx chris! so we chilled for awhile and
he left around 11:00 (i think he came around like
6:00) so i was happy because we hung out for a long

OH it sucked trying to sleep though. The after
taste of the Parrot Bay was starting to finally catch up
with me. SO i was just chilling in my room, and i had been
really tired, but i couldnt sleep, so i started to watch
S.F.W. *(so fucking what)* .... kinda a weird movie,
but its cool.... and so i fell asleep at like 12, but i
woke up at like 1:30 and i felt like shit! And i was
hallucinating too! I woke up and all i could taste was
that shitty Parrot Bay and Chris was there right next to
me! he was talking to me, but i felt like i was going
to puke, so i didnt understand him. shit, my stomache was
fucking burning. THen it sounded like he was saying
something about sex, but all i could think was 'dude, why
are u still here? my parents are probably home and they are
probably going to see u here!' Then i guess i just fell
asleep (probably passed out) and i woke up again at like
4:30 and i looked around, but no one was there, and it was
just really dark. so i fell asleep again, and then the last
thing i remember was waking up again at like 6:30 cuz the
sun was just starting to rise.

Shit, all i dreamed about last night was me and
Chris doing shit and when i woke up this morning, i had
like rug burns on my elbows and the worst taste in my
mouth. I dont think im ever going to drink that shitty
Parrot Bay ever again!!!

well, that was my night, and hopefully there will be
more good experiences to come! well, later