Catie*s Diary
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2002-03-27 19:59:25 (UTC)

The rest of Tuesday 3-26-02

Right after I wrote in my diary about how i wasnt gonna
skip, Jen came and talked me into it. We went over to
Nicholes. Then Nyka's. Me, Jen, Nichole, Tom, Arin,
Nyka (of course) Anthony( or little bit), Diana and Amanda. Little
Bit bought a half and we all smoked. Then Nyka said
we had to leave cause her mom was coming home so
we went back to Nichole's after going to the store. Little
Bit gave me a dollar for a handful of mike and ikes and
he's little (hence the name) so it was a great deal. Then
after a while people had to leave. But Blake came over,
but then he left. Then we all went our seperate ways.
Me, Nichole, Jen, Tom and Amanda went together. We
went to jack in the box then to taco bell (for Jen) and this
old lady tried to block us from the entrance so we sat
there yelling at her then this other guy came and was
doing it too. It was funny. Then we went to target and
talked to Ashley and Kenneth (the freaky guy who loves
Jen) Then we went to Tom's house and watched that
70's show. Then we left and drove around Bay Ridge
forever. Tom let me, Nichole and Jen drive around
taking turns it was fun kinda. Then me and Jen went to
Wendy's and brought our food over to Chick Fli a to talk
to Nyka while she was on her break. Then we went to
Jen's house. And I talked to JR for awhile. Then i took a
shower and Jen talked to him. Then when i got out i
didnt feel good so i called him again to comfort me.
Then i just passed out i was so tired. Also while i was at
Nichole's house i was outside and i was thinking about JR and i
saw this really pretty butterfly all of a sudden, plus i was telling
him about the butterflys at moody gardens the night before, i
think it could be a sign.

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