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2002-03-27 19:57:28 (UTC)

Why the fuck is there always SOMETHING that can ruin my mood?

Aaaaaaaaaaah, I swear, Akeem is ruining my livelyhood. When
I get back to school, i'm going to FUCKING KILL HIM! First,
he goes out with Ellie and makes out he loves her, then
when Ellie saw sense and split up with him,he moves onto
Ellen and now she's so smitten with him, though we all know
that he doesn't like her, and now he makes a pass at Anna,
trying to neck for her! We know from Zack that Akeem
fancies Anna, but Ellie is already paranoid that he was
using her to get to Anna and now look what the fuck he's
gone and done! Why the fuck can't the stupid asshole just
BUT OUT??!! I swear, if he keeps hurting my mates like
this, I AM going to KILL HIM!!

Anyway, I just came back from the circus. That was quite
fun, apart from when Ellen started screaming her head off
and throwing popcorn at me. It was kind of pathetic though,
because afterwards, we all just went home and didn't do
anything. God, i'm sooooooo bored.

Zoz xXx