Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
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2001-05-18 16:21:22 (UTC)


I'm going crazy! Why do I feel like everything is just
falling apart around me? Nothing even happened, yet I just
randomly start crying? I can't do this anymore...I hate
pretending that I'm fine, and that nothing is wrong. But
everyone gets soo annoyed when I aam depressed but I can't
help it. It's not my's really not. Or maybe it
is, but I try to be happy and it jsut doesn't work, and all
i want to do is like fall off the end of the earth...but
there is no end because it sucks, and it had to be
round...Why is it that all these people are dying, when
they don't want to, and they have people that want them
alive, and they have a reason to live.....but then someone
like me, who doesn't care if i die or not, someone who
wouldn't be missed if i died, someone who has no reason to
be alive...never has anything happen, i mean seriously, i
can't even kill's kinda sad....i try and i
just end up puking or passing out....EEERRRRRRRRR! I'm
going to get another coffee....