a little piece of me
2002-03-27 19:32:48 (UTC)

beautiful day

it's so beautiful outside right now. after i finish
writing this, i'm going to go over to the lake behind my
house for a while. i'm going to take my sketchbook,
headphones, binoculars (bird watching), and just chill for
a while. normally i would spend a day like today wanting
to do these things alone. today, however, i wish turtle
could be here to share it with me. i know he'd enjoy it as

speaking of turtle, brett brought to my attention last
night that i shouldn't give up my dreams (moving to new
orleans) for some guy (by moving to nc instead if he
wouldn't go to new orleans). he said that's wrong. i
don't think that's wrong. there are other dreams. is
turtle not doing the same for me? his plan was to move to
sc with his best friend. he's now changed them to be with
me instead. i feel guilty, and even tried to change his
mind. that's how it works, though. compromise. i'm so
lucky to have found turtle. i know we'll work out great
together. i know i keep saying this, but we took things
much slower than brett and i (i fell for him after talking
to him only once...should have been a sign that things
would fall apart quickly, too). turtle snuck up on me. we
have a much stronger foundation than anyone i've been with
in the past. plus, i can do and say the weirdest things
and he doesn't mind one bit. i don't have to feel stupid
or rediculous or guilty for saying and doing whatever i
want. for being me. i don't think i've ever had that.

anyway, we had the critique for our rings today. mine went
over pretty well. as i was looking at it today, i decided
i didn't like mine. it's boring. plain. and very
imperfect. i'm very disappointed in myself. i know i
could have done much better. my box made it into the show,
though i won't find out if i placed until apr 16. this
means i have to go to the show opening. bah. hate those
kinds of things. guess i'm happy that something made it
in. i've never entered before, and i only entered the one
thing. decent i guess.

well, enough of this. i'm going to head over to the lake
now. have a great day everyone :)