2002-03-27 18:57:55 (UTC)

talk of pills.

i'm in the ag room right now... wasting away during the
lunch period... while i wonder when exactly i have to go
back down to the junior high to talk to the little kids
about ffa. ... you should see the kids. they don't really
care about the awards or the long practices it took to get
the ribbons and things sitting on the table... they just
are glad they don't have to do another english assignment
or type in mavis beacon... it's almost laughable.

picture day is tomorrow... amanda, erika, and i were going
to dress gothic... ... but... i figured... why? let's just
go punky and usual. so... atleast that way we'll be

i rushed to check my email this period because i thought
maybe issac had emailed me... since... he'd emailed
erika... but ... he didn't.

gotta go find hippie t.