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2002-03-27 18:49:12 (UTC)

oh well...

i bought a book today about vb 6 coz i plan to have a self
study about it and create some programs too...that is if i
already finished doing my far so good..been
studying a lil about the basic of html and was able to
track what's wrong with my work at start...

i dunno if ill go on looking for another installer of one
software to be used since i dont have any...i need to
decide whether to go on with my page with or without this
software...time is getting fast...need to study a lot of
things for my plans prolly late this year or early next

in addition, im amaze that though im still bored and
all...i managed to focus during work and oh well...been
prayin everyday to have more patience about

its gonna be a "busy days" for me from now on...but
shouldnt forget about HIM!

so that's all for now...

have a blessed week.


2:49 AM

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