Aradia Goblin Queen

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2001-05-18 15:53:41 (UTC)

empty eyes?

ok, that title has nothing to do with wot im gonna babble
about *but* i thought it sounded interesting. so i shoved
it up there!

so its a rainy day, and in an hour im suppose to go pick up
tim (a good friend of mine) so we can meet up with some
friends from school.

you see, all semester we ve been working on the student
voice (our schools once renegade-turned "acceptable
newspaper). so today we re being rewarded by a lunch of
greasy food and crappy beer. (to bad i don't
but before that we re suppose to meet up with angela (a
cool older chic). so it should be interesting... maybe.

goddess, its really raining outside. I hope I ll be able to
drive in this.....its pretty bad out there.
enough of that, yesterday I went on (yet another) job
interview. and im sort of happy because well, I got the
job. as of the 25th of next month, i ll be a summer youth
camp counselor.

yet another chance to corrupt the youth of america.

anyhow, im happy bout that. but cant get my mind off of
other things. i honestly wish that *certain* things would
be resolved, i really do. cause i can't wait for people


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