Sporty Tomboy

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2002-03-27 17:55:40 (UTC)

Shibby is sick! :(

hey ppl, my shibby is sick today :( i called him during
lunch he dont sound good i love you get better please lil
sean! your the bestest friend ever, and i will never forget
March 26, 2002. a day we both will never forget and are
going to leave each other in our wills... *lotsa warm fuzzy
hugs* well this weekend was super fun, i got to hang out
with my hooch, kasie! oh yeah ;) we went to the dance and
hooched all these guys and gave them blue balls, we had our
hands down their pants, we straddled them, we grinded, we
lap danced, we groped. oh yes, it was fun. lol. well then i
went to her house to sleep over and i watched a freaky
movie bout the tittie teaser strip club and if you havent
seen it, you should it makes me lmao. you will understand
if you know what im talking bout... but i recommend it if
you wanna laugh at something stupid. i also got picked up
sunday randomly by sean chris and ashley, i love you guys
you seriously are my bestest friends EVER. we went driving
to henrietta and bought food for our hungryness, krispy
kremes :-D ohhhhh yes. yum. i love you people, we went to
media play and i bought a cd with a good song that was sang
to me by dru... i love it... and i had to get it.

HUGGIES to all the people i LOVE :)

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeee