SuGaR RuSh
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2002-03-27 17:01:33 (UTC)

oh wow

last nite i went 2 battle of the bands w/ mike and we met
up w/ callie n ryan...lordy lordy...the 1st sec i walk n ryan r all ready sayin shit 2 eachother lol...the
show was so stupid..thar were 3 bands and the 1 who won
sounded like hanson lol and my gf drew me a pic and ryan
stuck it down his DOWN his pants...and he f'n
put it on my face!!!! ahhhhhh i hate him lol....hmm..then
after callie n ry left me n mike were standin thar and we
were FREEZING so we were like cuddling...and this kid was
walkin around w/ a vid cam...and then theis gurl amy told
us 2 kiss and i wouldnt @ 1st cuz i knew they were gunna
tape we finally did..and this was like a KISSSSSS
and they taped it and im so scared they r gunna put it @
like an assembly now HAHAHHA ..if they do..i would have 2
die...:( lol well im out