No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-03-27 13:15:18 (UTC)

my spring break so far, wow, too much excitement. lol

hey! well, a lot has been going on with me lately. I got
back from camping Monday. It was alright. The camp ground
had a pool,playground, vollyball net, basketball court and
game room. So, at least there was stuff to do. The first
day we set up the site and then went to sleep, it was 9
before we got there due to traffic jams. The next day we
went to the beach. Sunday we went to the beach and to St.
Augustine and Monday we went shopping before we left. Yeah,
nothing fun. There were these 3 guys playing basketball at
like 10:30 pm. Tricia and I were sitting out on the monkey
bars talking. We noticed 2 of them had the potencial to be
gay. (lol you'd have to be there). We went to a resturant
and had 2 guy waiters try to wait on us at the same time.
(I have your rolls, can i get your drinks?) Tricia gets the
A friend of mine went to a friends to get some Tylenol and
his friend gave him Viagra. He didn't know it was Viagra
until after he took it and his friend told him. lol. It was
funny but not, he was really suffering. I hope he feels
Here is for the not so good/ not so funny next 3 subjects.
I haven't talked to my father since he left Pennsylvania.
The last time I heard from him was the end of February.
Thanks dad. All he gave me was a P.O. Box. If I wanted to
write to a B.O. Box I'd rather talk to a machine. He hasn't
given me a home adress, phone number or anything. Not even
when I needed the information for forms at school. What's
the point in having a father that ignores you and forgets
your existence? I'm sure someone is gunna read this
paragraph and say but he does remember you, and I'm sure
it's true. I'm sure he does, my sisters and I sent him a
birthday card also. I think I know why he ignores me, the
adults (dad, LeeAnn, and my mom) take out what the other
adult does on the other persons kids and sometimes in my
case on their own kids.
I was reading Amanda's (my step-sister) diary and I got a
little frustrated. Not mad or anything more like confused.
I talked to her a while back and said I was sorry for
everything that was going on and that she shouldn't be
stuck I the middle. The truth is, none of the kids should
be stuck in the middle but we are. Anyways, I guess in one
of my previous entries I said I feel sorry for LeeAnn's
children. That was said because they are getting moved all
over the place and having to live on pretty much no money,
but hey, aren't we all living on no money? Well, yes. The
kids get to see their dad and their old friends, but still.
No kid deserves to be moved like a stuffed animal on a
shelf. And that was what I meant when I said it. Also, if
you happen to be reading thsi Amanda, what my mom does
isn't my fault. She sneaks around most the time. What she
does shouldn't be taken out on my little sister, older
sister, or me. And nothing done should be taken out on
Phillip, Weston or you.
Lastly, I went to Walgreen's with my mom last night. We
walked out and her car hood was half up. We looked at the
hood of her car and it is keyed (maybe saying that is a
Florida thing cuz I never heard of it in NY but its where
someone digs into your car, scratching it, with keys)
beyond all belief. I told her to pop her hood and we fixed
it. My mom thinks it could be one thing which I don't know
if i believe (better not to mention it, I'm sure you can
guess.) But also, our neighbor told us how his ex-wife
keyed his gf's car. Maybe when he was coming over to feed
our dogs while he was gone she thought something was going
on. I don't know.
Quote: (yeah I know i haven't been putting them lately)

3: know what i did today, watched fucking gay ass cartoons
all day
9: dont you usually do that anyway?
3: no, im on the computer watching stupid cartoons
3: theres a diffrence somewhere
3: ill find it

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