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2002-03-27 12:26:51 (UTC)

Woohoo, Funday

I'm goin to the circus today :D:D:D- but not till half four
so i'm gonna sit here at the computer in my PJ's drinking
sugary stuff and aimlessly going through crappy websites.
Oh, the glorious holidays. But hey, at least i'm doing
something today. I promised myself I would keep writing in
this diary. I like it, you can write your thoughts down but
not feel insecure, because no-one knows who you are. It's
quite fun as well, reading other people's diaries and being

Anyway, one of my worst habits is rambling on and on...so I
must stop doing that. Another habit that I must stop is
biting my nails. They're stubby and congealed and horrible.

Ooh I can't wait 'till the circus :D:D i'm having one of my
optimistic days today.

Well that's all I have to write for now :)
Zoz xXx