Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
2001-05-18 12:57:47 (UTC)

May 18, 2001

Parents make no sense whatsoever. Just two nights ago my
dad was trying to kick my mother out and screaming at her,
calling her a drunk, and that she is ruining his life and
all this other shit, and I am just like riight. But now,
last night they go out to dinner and get along great. It
jsut makes no sense to me. I mean yeah, I can see why my
dad gets mad at her becuase she is an alcoholic, and she
gets really annoying but he flipped out really bad. I
don't know it's just kind of dumb. I hate how he tries to
talk to me about it. What am I suppose to say to him? I
mean, I really have no idea.

I started work yesterday, well, orientation at Lane
Bryant. I guess it was okay. I sat there and watched
these stupid videos for like 3 hours. It was not fun.
Just sitting around after taking the energy pills and the
diet pills....oh that just does not work very well. I'm
working tonight too. It's kinda cool. I just need to get
out of my house. I hate being here because everyone is
just always fighting.

Jodi's roommate's boyfriend was killed Tuesday night. He
got into a car accident with a few of his friends. It is
so sad. I guess they were together for 4 years, and she
totally flipped out. I would have too. I mean having this
dream about Tony dying over and over again is about to make
me flip out and that's only a dream!

Dawn called me again yesterday and was like will you pick
me up at 2:30...and I said no and she was like why with
like this huge attitude. I'm sorry, I was working. And
you know what, I'm not her shauffer. I may seem like I am
becuase I never say no, unless I have to. I HATE not being
able to say no...I hate it!

Jordan came over yesterday...ohmygod, that child needs a
makeover. She could be so pretty if she just dressed
nicer, or made it so her hair didn't look so greasy and
dirty. All she has to do is look clean and she would be a
pretty little girl. She smells too! I couldn't even go
near her without gagging. It's not even a BO's
like she smells like her dogs, and smelly feet mixed
together. It's soo gross. Whatever though, it's not my

Evan called me at 8 this morning. I was like in shock. I
never in my life thought it was going to be him when I
answered the phone. I was kind of expecting it to be
either Dawn...or my mom telling me that my grandmother
died. Who else would be calling me at 8? I guess Evan's cool though, I was planning on getting
up at 8:30 anyway so 8 was fine too. I have to go move my
money from my savings account to my checking account
because i have to get Pop's Night tickets for all of us.
That should be a good night. Well, I'm going out with