Jena's Rants
2001-05-18 12:32:44 (UTC)

WHy o WHy do FOols FAll in L*Ve.

Let me first tell you how I was exposed to the funniest
shit I have ever seen yesterday. Last night
Hopinononefoot, Mr. Rampant Philosophies, TheSeriousGuy,
Evan Dando, and Tina Ballerina had a concert at Gillman
(which is a breeding ground for deviant homosexual
behaviour, not that there is anything wrong with that), and
can I say that they were great - but the other "bands" were
in need of a fucking hearing aid or the Talent Fairy.
Leading this amazing assemblage of inbred mullet having
tight jean wearing 80's throw backs was none other than the
cool brother of Richard Simmons. (DEAL A MEAL! - goddamn
food pushers!) I think that his name should be Richard
Marx actually, (the retarded 80's singer not the political
dude), he kept making people play shit like songs from
Boston and Winger and other stupid crap like that. This
place was an investation of wanna be anarchist. For
example, one gentleman there who was punishing up with his
singing (and his leather pants), decided to forever ruin
the viewing pleasure of one of my all time fav movies,
CLOCKWORK ORANGE!!!! He decided he would dress in that
fashion and sing like a Down Syndrome Hillbilly - OH
FUN!!! I think the evening was a total flashback from my
experiences with Talent Shows at mental hospitals, really
they do that. I swear. Oh, and by the way joining us at
this Galla of Grotesque Goofiness was none other than The
Ex Man (minus a finger of two - more than I care to explain
right now) and his owner King Herbage. I say that King
Herbage owns The Ex Man because he seems to be his chauffer
and he buys him stuff, and if I didn't know better I would
say they were gay - but I know King Herbage and he isn't.
He is just a wonderful manipulator (he's GRRRREAT!!! -
actual compliment made by Tony the Tiger in reference to
King Herbage - I swear). So later that night
Hopinononefoot and I went to his house and hung around for
a bit. He is great, lots of fun and somehow the male
stupidity gene seems to have missed him and he remembered
like numerous things about me and my personality and
wrapped it all up into one very thoughtful gift. I would
tell you what that gift was but then you would be able to
figure out my astrology sign, my fav color, things i
collect, and how mushey I am capable of being - and frankly
I don't know you all that fucking well yet. with it!!!!!!!!!!!