The Xdruggie Files
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2002-03-27 06:25:07 (UTC)

There is no such thing as normal

I really don't know when i went crazy. I don't know when i
got sooo obsessive over people,places and things. I feel
myself regressing as i type this. But on that same line i
could rant, 'I don't know when i became an addict.' it
doesn't really matter, i just am. I feel insecurity rising
in me. I feel anxious all the time. It's like i touch
something i want and then i have to have it all the time.
It's like a drug....it's called security. why do i have to
have that in another person? no one has done anything to
me, i do this to myself. this is old behavior at its
highest. i could cry at the drop of a hat. My parents are
really worried. I guess i should do as my roommate
did...realize i am crazy-i will always be crazy-and just
get on with my life. easier said than done.

and i was worried about being co-dependant. LOL


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