of little importance
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2002-03-27 06:09:52 (UTC)

hate=not knowing. love=knowing

i hate mood swings. i really do. i mean, i'll be having
this great day and one thing will just set me off. lost in
thought i'll just like completely change. it never used to
happen. i mean, i never let people see it happen. maybe
it did though. i guess i don't really know.

i'm just tired of it. i'd like to sleep through an entire
night. just once. i'd like to remember what it's like to
do a lot of things that i just can't do anymore. i don't

i think what upsets me most is when my mood swings affect
others. that seriously makes me want to smack myself. i
wish i could just be happy, completely happy, for an entire
day. that nothing i did would set me off anyways. oh i
don't know. i really don't. so onto the other extremity.

i love when my sensitivity is heightened. when every touch
sends shocks like lightning through my body. when every
muscle is tense, awaiting, anticipating. when i know i'm

i'll never tire of it. of falling in love over and over
and over again with this person. of knowing that i'm
understood and showing that i love him.

i know that what i love the most is how alike we are. it
seriously makes everything easier. i don't have to explain
things to their full extent which is good cause
me explanations=confusion. and with him i can let
everything else go. it fades away for the time being. i
can tell him everything without saying a word, just by
looking at him. and i can tell everything without him
saying a word and with him just looking at me. love is a
many splendored thing love lifts us up where we belong all
you need is love. i know this.

the greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved in return