sweetJ's useless crap
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2002-03-27 04:12:14 (UTC)

The Begining

Hey every1 whats up ? this is the begining of my diary,
well this 1 atleast my other 1 is like a real diary where i
put down how im REALLY feeling. This 1 is just to talk bout
what i did, and im gonna try not to offend any 1 with it.
unlike the other 1 wear if sum ppl read it they would flip
and hate me 4ever. well any ways i stayed home from school
2day cuz i had MAJOR migrane attack, not cool. any ways i
downlaoded and burned sum CD's 2day. got that sweet song by
staind called epiphany witch i think every1 should listen 2
atleast once it is such a great song! wow i cant wait til
the three day weekend !! its gonna be greatil probably go
do sumthing thursday night. then on friday im goin to go
shoot hoops saturday I think im gonna chill. then sunday
guess what ! im gonna sleep ! my parents wont be able to
wake me up! since they will be in new york! haha yes they r
leaving the house all to me ! i would throw a party but
with them gone and me there it will already look like i
threw a party for how messy i am! haha oh crap i just
remembered i cant sleep in on sunday i have to go to church
for easter at 9oclock instead of 5 dang it ! oh well im
tired its late


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