Squeeb's world
2002-03-27 03:18:36 (UTC)

Going crazy...

Ok, on the weekend I sorta had a semi breakdown. I'd been
thinking way too much of the unmentionable and I let it get
to me. So much so that my Mom was so worried about me that
she sent my Dad down here on Saturday night. It was good to
see him and he cheered me up substantially but then on the
way home on Sunday morning, he got into an accident and hit
a dog with the car. I freaked when Mom called and told me.
If something had of happened to my Dad I would have died.
I mean he came down here for me and then got into an
accident. But he's alright so that's all that matters.
On another front, Baby's birthday is tomorrow and he'll
be 23 years old. He just started talking to me and he
actually propositioned me! Little pig. But I had to admit
it was funny and it's not like it's the first time he's done
it. And it most definitely won't be the last either by the
sounds of it but I will NOT do anything until he gets rid of
the Evil T. I hold by that. Anyhoo I should be off to bed
but I thought I would put in an update. Later!

Current mood: confused
Current music: "Let Me Be"- Britney Spears