The Diary of an idiot
2002-03-27 03:11:40 (UTC)

I am an idiot

well i named this diary the mind of an idiot because in
truth i am an idiot. the former things that I thought
about I am finding weren't really worth worrying about. I
have found and realized that though I may have thought that
I am not mature I am finding myself ,unfortunately,
maturing more and more day by day. I find that I am still
working on that whole issue of having a crush on girls but
I am finding it easier and easier to control myself and my
actions when dealing with them. It used to be that I would
get a goofy look on my face when ever I was around a girl
that I liked but now for some reason I have been able to
contain myself. Or at least I think I have been able to
control myself. Now when I say control myself I don't
bmean flirting, but I mean acting natural around them.
Instead of putting up my alpha male front, I can stay
pretty calm and cool. And while I'm on the subjeect of
girls I like let me state that every gilr / woman that I
ever saw myself dating is now with somebody. which is
good. that prevents me from trying to date anybody.
lately everybody has been getting spring fever around here
and swo its made me look at dating more and more. I can't
say I know everything there is to know about it because I
don't nore will i ever attempt to know everything about it
but I will learn. Not for me to use but just so I will
know. It facinates me to just study the attraction and
the "writes" of dating that go on between a man and a
woman, as in a romantic relationship
as in a friendship relationship
I find it funny and intriging to look at people
and attempt to understand how they got together, why and
what in the world is going on. That is what I am planning
on using the rest of this diary for. It is going to be a
compilation of what I have found out about men and women
from my friends. it will also every now and then be a
little devotional just to pick up my spirits.

well time for bed and time to finish thinking about what's
going on