Comfortably Numb

It's Just Me...
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2002-03-27 02:46:55 (UTC)

Also March 26...

Well this time I'm at a complete loss for words. Not
really though..I'm jsut surprised. When I left my house
today, i had 33$, expecting to get maybe 15$ more. I jsut
counted it and I now have 82$. Of course 37$ is in singles,
but that's ok. I went to look at some other entries, and
someone's diary name is Comforatbly Numb, at least I'm the
only one w/ that name for a "diary owner". Oh, here's
some "news". Me and this girl are gonna get drunk and
sponge paint her walls. We're gonna throw paint on them and
shit. Dunno if this is gonna be before or after we dye my
hair(green) but hopefully we'll dye my hair when we're not
drunk...that would most definately suck. I shounld start to
get to's 4 am. I don't think that I mentioned
I'm an insomniac. Chronic premature waking. Basically for
the psat year and a half I've been getting between an hour
and a half to 4 hours of sleep a night in half hour to 45
min intervals. It sucks, but you learn to live with it.
I've been on so may damn medications for it, but nothing
has worked. There is one plus, I've never gotten a hang
over. My only guess is that it could be from never going to
sleep after I drink. A down point is that another of my
friends always bugs out at me b/c she's never seen me
sleep...Ok I can't think of anything ele to say so I'll
leave you with another quote--The very first woman to run
for the presidency of the United States was Victoria
Claflin Woodhull in 1872. She ran on a platform of free
love, women's suffrage, short skirts, legalized
prostitution and the right of women to orgasm. She was
arrested and jailed on obscenity charges the day before the
election. Woodhull lost the election to Ulysses S. Grant.

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