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2002-03-27 02:29:57 (UTC)

new horizons?

ok well lately, my typical regular clique....i seem to be
wandering from it. like i seem to be hanging out with a
socializing with very different people. usually it was me
amanda amanda britt MARISA andrew corey rob erin joe,
etc.....but now...its like...
me and kristen musolino started to get close at the
beginning of the year. then me and kristen martinez are
becoming good friends too. me and cait stratton talk alot,
and me and erin hancock too.

this entry is pretty pointless. nothing going on in the
love life...or atleast nothing to 'rock the boat' yet.
britt says ricky loves me, and he told her stuff, altho he
just told me he loves ree. boys are weird like that.
joe.....ehh hes getting that'maybe it will happen' feeling
again, i can sense it. andrew....being distant, corey
different. rob....i luv him, hes so funny. sean....doesnt
talk to me. joe n....doesnt talk to me. brian
geetro...doesnt talk to me. eek....mike, lives in FL :(

ok well now i am off flirting w/ eric...the private school
boy who is beyond hot. not as hot as mike tho...=(
sniffles. i feel lost. unwanted. ekk. bye bye

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