little sweet'n' innocent

confessions of a true bitch
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2002-03-27 01:49:55 (UTC)

entry #1

hello... i m me... that is all u kno and all u need 2
kno... so let's ee what needs 2 be said.. umm.. i have a
magnificent boyfriend who really cares abotu me nad may
cheat on him this week w/ my ex... i m not sure about that
yet... and i can tell my ex isn't either... well we
PROBABLY won't do 2 much.. and it PROBABLY won't be done
more then once or twice... so yeah... i don't know what i
want or how i really feel about ne thing in life..
sometimes i m in love sometimes i hate it... most of the
time i m just horny... lol.. i tihnk it is bc i love 2
act.. so my whole life has become a show.. no matter how
boring it is i can always play different characters... well
yeah... so this person i m cheating on my bf w/(nothing is
4 sure yet)... we will call X.. .just plain X... and my bf
can be called S... alright?.. good... so ne ways back 2 the
nothing is 4 sure yet.. we on;y talke dthat our 2 year age
diffrence is 2 much of a problem 4 X 2 ahve a relationship
and that we both still really liek each other... adn i got
permission 2 suck on his fingers... my favorite thing 2 do
2 him.. and oh yes.... S thinks that I can't turn him on w/
out him letting me... well we'll just have 2 see about
that... hehe... this will be very very interesting...

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