Angela Nicole

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2002-03-27 01:49:19 (UTC)

The latest on my life

Well Matt and I are back together.. That feels really
good.. Its like apart of me is back. He went to florida for
spring break I missed him but he is back now and everything
is cool..

Im throwing a party this weekend the whole damn school is
practically invited because my friend took it upon herself
to ask EVERYONE if they wanted to come .. Which is cool..
But I have pretty nice house with light colored carpet and
stuff.. and my mother is gonna freak if she comes home and
the house is trashed.. BUT OH WELL.. if ur gonna get into
trouble.. U might as well make it worth it.. so you have a
good time the night before right?

Robert and I still arent talking Im not really sure why.. I
hope he comes around he was a good friend.. I told him
sorry.. But I guess I messed up to bad this time.. I dont
really see what I did that was so bad.. But obviously he

Well thats all thats really happening in my life.. Mike has
become like my new bestfriend we talk about everything =)..
Thats about all.. write you later..