Meshed Up
2002-03-27 01:16:44 (UTC)

drama conversationalist

life is drama. tragedy, romance...whatever. it's still

woke up at 3am this morning to the sound of my older sis
screaming on the phone. she was crying of course. i just
found out that she was screaming and crying because of
jealousy. her boyfriend and her best friend are going
somewhere on saturday (or was it last saturday?) and she's
friggin jealous. who wouldn't be? unless you trust your
boyfriend and best friend THAT much...

somebody told me last night that he hated drama. either he
didn't want me to keep talking or he just hates drama.
conversation went like this:

i: i feel a bit depressed though...after exams we still have
to do media...argh...lolz

him: no drama

i: yes yes no drama. that was just bullshit. not entirely
but mostly.

him: no i hate drama

to my sister then...the incident last night... as heard by
the sleeping me:

'look...can't i say something without you screaming at
me?'s my fault all right?! i don't even know what the
hell is going on...listen to me..listen to me...SHUT UP AND
LISTEN TO ME! STOP TALKING!... for God's sake i'm sorry all
right?...i have prayed and i'm better now as compared to
before!... i'm just jealous because she can be with you and
i can't!...dammit why are you so mad at me?! all
think that i mess things up for you! well i'm
sorry!...shit!...i'm trying all right?!...SHUT UP!!...WHAT
ME?!...hello?...hello?! HELLO?!'

i didn't know my sister swears...always thought she was
a 'good christian'.. guess that's why i don't really like
her. christians are fine. hypocrites aren't. oh yeah,
annoying christians aren't fine either. especially those
who talk too much.

another dramatic moment:

she said, 'i don't like him.'
i said, 'how come?'
she said, 'he said i'm too fat.'
i said, 'shit. he's such an asshole.'
she said, 'i know. he's the nicest person i know.'

to which this conversation is connected to:

i: just feel like venting. anyway forget it.

him: ok vented aye? study harder.

i: nahh..shall vent in some other way. my brain has shut
down already...can't study anymore. u?

him: i'm still doing econs if you don't mind.

i: whoops okay okay. go study econs. night night.

him: yeah. give friend a chat.

i: nahh...never mind.

him: u should.

i: would rather not. useless.

him: what?

i: i just think it's pointless that's all.

him: it's not pointless okay?

i: i think it is.

him: do whatever then.

i: exactly what i intend to do.

him: godd.

connected to another past conversation:

him: right. get more sleep.

i: yeah i should. lack of sleep causes pimples.

him: and delusions.

oh wellz. i'm feeling a bit giddy cuz today's my last day
for exams...but then tomorrow i will have to do research
for that stupid media essay again. also have to go for
drama practice. argh.

nice cold autumn day. perfect.