A Hippie's Thoughts......
2002-03-27 00:46:55 (UTC)

Recovering the Satellites


Dang its been so long I think? Neways, School is like so
stupid and gay And I cant wait 4 spring break! Only 2 more
days of torture..and I'll be outta here!!! Im not sure what
im gonna do over spring break..probably chill, maybe play
some tennis. Drivers Ed SUCKS BUTT! I cant stand it..Only 2
more days this week..and 3 more days after Spring Break.
Gah its getting so olddddd. Yea, well After we come back
from S.B, we hafta do that stupid *5th Block* Crap. How
retarded? Yea Me & Green are officially Rebels Now (hahaha
right Green?)..nah not really..I Guess u would hafta be in
Bible to understand what we mean. ~~~It *MUST* be the
Blonde Hair Discrimination..and again Green understands
where Im coming from. Im listening to songs from Counting
Crows' CD Recovering the Satellites..which is where my
entry name came from. Counting Crows Kick butt. Gah I have
stupid Geometry HW..and This dang Writing Test in English
tomorrow~~~~~BLAAAAH! Lalala Im trying to stall. My
parental units went walking. Lauren is [of course] over at
Nate's. My mom told me to clean up my room..bah whos she
kidding? I'll clean it thursday when we get outta school =]
hehe. My aim is getting on my nervesssssssss!!!!!!!!! It
wont let me sign on. ROARRRR! hahahhahaha
heck yea. It just let me on~!!!!!! Go Me Go me..well this
entry is so getting olddddddd! So umm Bye, I guess!=]
~ne comments?...jus send em to moi*