Sporty Tomboy

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2002-03-27 00:17:00 (UTC)

Half Days are FUN!

OK, first off, im saying what i did today. well, general
and i decided to take advantage of our so-called HALF DAY
yeah... less then 2 hours off from skool! lol, well it was
all good. she came to my house and we once again attempted
our PUDDING! sweetness, it worked! so we ate that and
turkey cuz it is good for us. and then this guy called and
we decided his voice was cute, and he was telling us about
this religious thing. he asked if i believed in peace... i
wasnt going to lie so i said no. and then he read a bible
scripture about how god would help us be good? we weren't
really listening but then he asked for our address so he
could drop off a paper and then me and general held a
official meeting of the stalkers anonymous club oh yeah,
and found out where he lived. well he came and gave me some
brochure and asked me a question that i made general
answer, and theyre coming to "Teach" us tomorrow. scary
dood. well then we left and drove around headbanging to
music and scaring everyone it was great. we went and i got
to pump things and get gas where AARON works *waves* hi
aaron! we ate BK but alyssa wasn't working, we missed ya
and my drink was SOAPY dont mix sprite and milkshakes, use
water. general is smart. i love the foam though well we
went to visit mary and she let me drive and it was fun
drivin is relaxing i know what yelhsa has been talking
about and mary made us biscuits and they were good. her dog
is cute!!! so energetic. we drove through a cemetary too
and i got to scream in the cathedral. it was fun. well then
i got to run around the toy store and be immature cuz i am
i admit it! sweet, well i gtg bye bye people ill tell you
bout my weekend sometime when im not lazy

**libbalicious licky libby is goneeeeeeeeee

HUGGIES to all my people