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2002-03-26 23:57:14 (UTC)


:):) I Luv Irn Bru. I guess the sugar makes me happy, with
all that seratonin or shit in it. Anyway, in the last,
what, hour since i last made an entry, i have developed a
new positive outlook on life (although tomorrow i'll
probably feel like crap again, LOL). But I have vowed that
from now on, i am going to keep this diary at least, and
maybe keep or a scrapbook or something with my thoughts in,
and it might help me sort my head out. My moods change like
the weather and its fucking annoying, i am a naturally
pessimistic person but it must change! The only person that
truly pisses me off is myself and that's just stupid. I
really need to be more organised anyway!
And hey, if i make a diary, if i become famous it could be
published, ooh the sweet smell of money...damn, i'm
rambling again, i'll shut up now, i truly am a strange
person, but oh well, that's what makes me individual.

Anyway, Good Night all,
Luv Zoz xXx