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2002-03-26 23:46:59 (UTC)

: )

Blessed be the Lord!
More soon.. i promise.

PRAISE BE TO GOD, my job is going g reat for His glory!
STAND BACK, devil. Y'shua wins!
This if for everyone... through JESUS.. you are powerful
and able to do things you can't even imagine! As soon as i
find the scripture for that last statement, I'll get it in

ORU or bust?..hehehe...

Gonna finally see the famous HAND SONG in concert tonight!
Well, it's for worship first of all.. but yeah! Wayne
(guitar), Josh (mandolin), my sisters Jessica (vocal)and
Emily (violin) are doing it.. YEAH! I'm soo gonna take
pictures.. we've been waiting for this song to be done for
quite some time. It's kinda like our theme song with
getting to know the Nixs (Wayne and Josh), too!!!!! The
real big time for the song will be on "Resurrection
Sunday".. so ya'll come out now. lol

PRAISE JESUS.. you don't have any troubles.. all you need
is faith.. stay strong in GOD..... bless GOD:).. He loves
ya.. so very much.......:)