my pathetic life
2002-03-26 23:17:34 (UTC)


today im gona bitch about napster and everything thats come
after it. i had napster and i loved it then i got kicked
off durring that whole gay ass metallica thing. now i have
been through a couple other program some that have been
shut down. i like the whole idea, its good. it makes me
soo mad that all these greedy record corporate ass holes
are makeing this all a huge fucking deal. im gona download
songs on my computer if i fucking want to and if u dont
like it kiss my ass. if i download a atrist's music and i
dont have their cd its probly cuz their cd isnt good enough
for me to spend MY money on. u want my money put out good
music. i still buy cd's even though they are getting more
and more expensive cuz i feel that if the cd is good and i
like the group ill buy their stuff, but if they have one
good fucking song on their cd ill fucking download it a
million times and never listen to anything of theirs. and
lets say cds are about $12 now thats usually $1 a song,
thats a lot, and now cds only have like 9 songs on them.
and concerts are so expensive now. how much money does it
cost to pulg in and play. if u ask me too many people have
their hands in the pot. so many different people split up
the money of one cd. the artist gets about a dollar a cd
not even. thats gay. its their music, yay i no theres
producers and distributer but still. and it seems like if
ur not britney spears and selling ur soul to consumerism ur
not making any money. thats bullshit. how sad is it that if
ur not a pretty face ur not making money. we need to
instill some punk rock morals into the next generation and
maybe they wont turn out as fucking pathetic as we did

"Can’t you see my soul worn on the second sleeve
It’s going up for sale as soon as it gets saved
Interrogation blues, once again I lose"