2002-03-26 22:34:29 (UTC)


Here's the dish,
Today I went to school, but I was late. My frist tardy this
semester. Which is good. Cause within the year I have 12
now. 2 more and I'm getting a saturday. But I got to school
and I was very very hyper. That's prabobly cause I'm always
like that when I did something I'm proud of, and yesterday
I studied French for like 4 hours. Not straight. I realized
that, that video that Ms. G showed us in 8th grade about
study habits was very useful. People shouldn't study
constantly cause it will not stay in their heads. The most
common thing that will happen is they'll remember the thing
they started learning on the beginning, and on the end. So
I took many, many breaks, and I finally took that self
test. I got 12 wrong out of 285 (or something like that.)
They were just stupid mistakes. But anyway that's really
good cause I was suppose to have done that like 3 weeks ago
and I kept constantly delaying it. So now I'm caught up to
page 135. I still have some trouble remembering it, but
it's all good. Bad thing is, while I took my sweet ass time
learning the stuff up to pg. 135, the rest of the class is
now on 220. So in order to catch up, I finally realized
what I should do. Work twice as hard. No excuses this time.
Normally when I do stuff like this I'm just trying to do
everything step by step. That's why I never catch up. Cause
I'm always just a few pages behind, and if I spend extra
time on something, then forget it. Well, this thing, I
already have the basics down, so now, I'm gonna be taking
un cahier (the notebook) et un livre (and the book) home
everyday, just like I always do. But this time, I'll study
what we did in class that day, and what I'm catching up on.
I have like 2 units more to catch up on. What I hate the
most is when the unit has a long list of things. Like food
was hell. Especially that it was all disorganized in my
notebook. She told us all kinds of food that we had notes a
little bit of everything everywhere, and in the book there
are 3 or so, spread out units on food. The other 2 we
didn't even get to yet. But anyway, yeah, that's what I'm
gonna do. And by the way, I'm gonna start IMing people, and
writing in here in French just like I did before. Maybe you
guys will learn a few words, maybe not. That's not my goal.
I just wanna practice what I learn, and what better way,
since I can't really practice pronounciation, especially
that a) I have no one to talk to in French, and b) How can
I practice good pronounciation if my teacher has trouble
pronouncing it herself. (Well atleast she doesn't do too
good of a job on it. My last teacher, Monsieur Lauger was
so much better. He could even do that throat sound, and he
was gonna have us develop it too.)

But anyway, I'm typing really fast cause we had a test in
Physics 7th. I was cheating, the paper was right under my
test so I had to keep them really close, and my teacher was
walking around the class passing back some papers and
handing out the test. (She usually doesn't really care if
anyone cheats, but I'm not good at it, and I always make it
obvious. Besides we have the tests where, in order to cheat
you really gotta pay attention to how the persons test next
to you differs from yours. That's just a bitch.)