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2001-05-18 03:42:15 (UTC)

long as possible

James ... He told me, " if only i had a self destruct
button i would have hit it." How many times have i
thought that same thing ? Too many to admit. How is it as
different as all of our lives are no matter the distance
and placement geographically, that we end up in
nearly the same predicaments ,in the same general time
frame? I mean look around you , it is happening
constantly. What is it ? And why? Is there a master user ?
Who is pushing these every droning day buttons? Perhaps we
are just so connected that we can no longer see it. We
always want to see what's on the other side of the fence.
To keep old cliche`s alive, the grass is always
greener ... so how can we NOT not see what is right in
front of us.
Boy , i hope this thing has a psell check. I
am a looker that is i can't seem to look away from the
keyboard without typing something along the lines of
nlmjkas . Hopeless.
How often ... 'I had this dream last night. I called myself. When i
asnwered the phone, I asked, 'what are you doing ? and i
said, the same thing as you.' "
And you, you in the black on the other side of the couch.
How are you so ultimatley connected with me . How is it
that i see me in your reflection? i have never before. Why
is it that i write , as i write something ,you speak
it , with no forwarding conversation? how is it? Why is it
that now, now that i am coming to realizations, knowing i
would be better alone ..alone... why is it that we meet ?
why are we the same ? how is that ? i didn't know it was
possible. i must admit my friend, i do not want this
journey to be over anytime soon. i do so like to have you as a
travel buddy. i couldn't ask for anyone better. and no,
it's not because you are like me and i am like you, no not
at all..... i never thought i could deal with anyone like
myself ...much to difficult. i just feel at peace. i feel
genuine compassion and understanding. i dont need to go
on..this sounds too sappy. i know what's in my head ..for it
is repeated .
Gozirra....it's been swell my buddy .if you need me, i'll
be at the university. i hope you find the nuts you buried
next year.
can we make this time as long as possible? what elses can
we possibly think of to do? i dont know about you, but
iv'e never been here before.
it's a nice room ... are there more?

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