Venting about Love & Life
2002-03-26 21:50:26 (UTC)

Spring Break 2002

Our first destination was Rosarito, Mexico. The little
hotel we found was pretty cool, clean and w/ a big bed and
couch. Unfortunately, there was no phone. Our neighbors were
some fine black men. Friday night we went to Papa's & Beer.
It was pretty fun. It's an open air club however it was not
open bar. It seemed like every man we passed had something
to say about us. We were most definitely the best looking
girls there for all 3 nights. Friday night was stomach
night, all of us showed our middle and wore jeans. There
were lots of spots in the club, bridge, balconies, stairs,
lots of dance areas and several bars. Getting drinks for
free was not a problem. However the number of fine men was
drastically low. As a result we rejected dozens of men for
dances and just teased them w/ our dancing skills.

Saturday night was another story. We dressed extra hoochie
with short shorts and skirts. We were easily the best
looking girls in all of Mexico that night. At first we
treid to go to one club but when the time came to pay we
thought that the guy was trying to rip us off and stole a
$20 from us. It ended up that he didn't but everyone nearby
sided with us and believed that we really were ripped off.
That night was leg night. Papa's & Beer was poppin!
Obviously we were looking so good that we cut right to the
front of the 2 hour line. There were much more people there
than the previous night. Sometimes it was so crowded you
had to push through people to move. It was a little too
crowded that the men were grabbing us. Finally we started
treating them like they treated us. WE treated them like
little bitches and slapped and grabbed them back. They were
surprised and mad and backed up off of us really quick. One
guy grabbed both of my girls and got spotted by the cops.
He was dragged away and fined (LOL). Everything was craccin
and we actually found some cool menz until one
bouncer/security guard that was monitoring traffic from one
dance area to another grabbed me to him and grabbed my ass.
I was not having it. He was supposed to protect us and was
sober so he had no excuse whatsoever. I slapped his face
really hard in front of a good number of people. It took
him a couple seconds but then he started trying to fight
me! You know a man has no class when he will disrespect and
then fight women. He grabbed my arms behind my back but I
struggled to get free. He was pushing me through the crowd
and I got pushed down the stairs. Luckily, I was not hurt.
MY two girls were grabbing his arms from behind and were on
him but he was too big to stop. He must have been 6'2" and
270 lbs easily. I remember thinking "must keep shoe on"
because it almost fell off and I had on new shoes. Earlier
we were joking about not losing our shoes if something went
down. Luckily my shoe was safely on my foot still. Then I
wrestled free and kicked at his nuts but another security
guy grabbed my arms from behind. The entire crowd of men
did nothing to stop this huge guy from beating up on 3
girls. After all was done, lots of guys tried to sympathize
with us but we didn't have it because they didn't do
anything to stop the fight when it was going on. This is
one of the things that makes me hate men. They witness
something very wrong and do nothing to stop it. After that
they started to mess with us but we weren't having it. The
club management wasn't trying to do anything about the guy
who assulted us so we just left. I took a Corona bottle
just in case and was itching for an excuse to use it on
some stupid guy. Unfortunately, we were not provoked any
more. That night was terrible. We were having lots of fun
on the balconies until then. Nobody had anything on our
dancing skills. We had everyone in awe. However, after that
it killed our mood. That night, the chocolatey black menzez
came by around 5am knocking on our window. Pookie said, "Is
that the asian menzez?". They responded with, "no the black
ones". She said, "the chocolatey black menzez?". They liked
that one and laughed. WE decided to chill the next morning.
They came over for a little while and took pictures with
us. Everyone in the clubs wanted a picture of us or with us
like we were some celebrities. One pervert even took our picture
while we were eating in Burger King.

Sunday night was the best night. We toned our dress down a
bit and went to TJ. TJ club menz were much cooler than the
Rosarito men. We were not grabbed at or hollered at in a
disrespectful manner. However the women in TJ were not cool
like Rosarito women. They were big time haters. We were all
drunk and faded. We took watered down Tequila shots with
margaritas and smoked Black & Mild's. WE were very wild and
just grooving to the music. However I was in the bathroom
with Pookie when she and this tall white blond girl started
getting into it. Apparently Pookie got in her way when
trying to wash her hands and the girl was rude about it.
They started to curse each other out. I could sense a fight
coming on. One thing led to another and they started
pushing each other. I tried to separate them but it wasn't
working. Pookie and the tall white girl started squabbling.
Of course I was down to help my girl so I pulled the tall
girl's hair from behind and jerked her back. Then I kicked
her ass and lower back literally from behind. Just then,
Venus, sensing the fight from right outside the bathroom,
burst in. She knew from the blond hair flying what was
going on. She immediately started regulating on the shorter
blond girl and gave her a black eye. At the end, the tall
girl got a scratch under her eye and Pookie got a scratch
across the forehead. The short blond girl got a black eye
and Venus bruised her hand. We won that fight. They
complained to club management but the bathroom lady was on
our side. She explained that it wasn't us who started it
(when it really was). Also, we spoke spanish and so we had
that advantage. The two girls were made to leave the club.
After that, everyone heard about our incident and gave us
mad love. All the men were loving us. We were being very
nice and sociable after our getting hyped up from the
fight. Some cute white boyz and black menz tried to talk to
us. A half mex/half white cutie was talking to Pookie. I
was kissing on the black menzez necks. One said, "Oooh
that's my spot". There were a few cuties. We rode those
menz on the dance floor. We called 2 cute little shorties
up from the balcony. They followed us all night. Even the
women were trying to get at us. All in all, that night was
the best. We left the Myster-E-Club all drunk and hyped. We
were walking crooked and kept reinacting the fight. Another
group of girls tried to fight us. They had their boyfriends
with them. I had given one guy the middle finger and then
some girls were hating on Venus. Luckily we avoided that
one because we were outnumbered. WE proved that even though
that was our first fight that we could regulate and throw
down if necessary. We were all down for each other.