2002-03-26 21:44:39 (UTC)

1 year ago

A year ago I was younger, lol, funny how time flys. A year
ago I was weaker, funny how the more you get knocked down,
the stronger you are when you get back up. A year ago I
have a trip, that I was wanting more than anything. A year
ago, I meet you Ash, and I meet Katie Scott, and you have
both changed my life for the better. A year ago, all I
wanted to do is get away, funny how some things never
change. A year ago I meet Katie, and it was the start of
somethign that changed me for the better, but not before
riping me apart. If you ask me if i would do it again, I
would say naw. Katie did help me, but that was because she
hurt me, she almost made me lose faith in people. If I
could have I would have stayed in Georgia. I didnt know if
I wanted to write about this Ash but I though I should, I
was up all night thinking about things, and I would be
lying to say im not hurt at all, but the main thing to me
is that things wont change between us at least as friends,
and as long as that dosent change then I will be a lot
better. I have one day, till I see you and im realy
excited, I hope you are too

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