U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-03-26 21:36:12 (UTC)


here is a e-mail about my cancun vacation, i don't feel
like typing it all, but here is a little bit, I HAD THE

KIKI!!!!!!!! HEY!! I've missed u so much. I just got back
today(at 4 in the morning,lol) well I met like 30 twenty-
year-old guys! They would hit on me, then i would tell them
I'm 14, then we would just become good friends. But i met
these 2 guys from Ohio in particular, they were 15 and 17.
One of them looks like leonardo dicaprio in Romeo and
Juliet (we're getting married, he told me so) and the other
was just a gorgeous foot ball player. I got sooooo tight w/
them. Like it was us 3 together all the time. We got drunk
one night together and one of them like dry fingered me, jim
(eww i know) and the other molested me (andy). Andy is the
one I'm gonna marry. He is so hot and nice. He was all over
me 24/7. He said he's gonna come visit me sometime,lol
(they live in Canton) One time when I was in there room in
my underwear(don't ask) andy was like on top of me, ohh god
we came like sooo close to hooking up like 5 times, but i
was like NO! be a good girl meaghan. I got hit on by random
springbreakers. One guy asked me to take a picture w/him.
and another had a video camera, and like taped me for like
10 min.... it was really weird. OMG there were like NO
BLACK PEOPLE!!!!! lol it was like my mom and sis and me,lol
and u know we're kinda light anyway,lol. But anyway now
that I've told u the edited version of my cancun vacation,
how was ur's?? e-mail me back about it!
luv ya

well that was it, ttyl guys. I am soo going back next year