Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-03-26 21:21:23 (UTC)

Poem - "The Crowd"

You’re up on the high wire
And you’re dancing a jig,
You’ve never performed
For an audience this big.
You’re dashing and leaping
And you haven’t looked down yet,
Haven’t realized that this time
There’s no safety net.
The crowd cheers for you now,
But they’re fickle indeed,
Do you think they’d lend a hand
To a circus clown in need?
Are they here for the show
Or do you think they’re your friends?
Will they still stand beside you
When the magic act ends?
Will they follow you down
When the routine is done?
Will they ride with a rambler
When it doesn’t seem like much fun?
And what of this tightrope,
Do you think it’s so strong
As to hold your heavy heart up
When they find out you’re wrong?
Suppose they accept you
And stick around for a while,
How long can you trust
The same satisfied smile?
You long to linger
In their pure honest gaze,
You hope this brings forth
The dawn of better days.
But should you let your guard down
And shed your thick skin
When the unopened door
To your heart is kicked in?
Can you trust this crowd
To stay for an encore?
When they leave here tonight,
Will they leave wanting more?
Will they buy season tickets
And quit their careers
To follow your tour bus
Through the laughter and tears?
But it won’t satisfy them
Just to see you perform,
They need fulfillment
Of a more lasting form.
Besides, you grow weary
Of keeping up this charade,
You need a bed to lay down in
When the last venue has been played.
They’ve seen past the costume
When you’ve slipped here and there,
They’ve heard your bad jokes
And they don’t seem to care.
They’ve smiled and cheered
When you were certain they’d scoff,
They applaud even louder
When the spotlight is off.
You revel in the smiles
And unsolicited cheers,
You can give up the act
After all these years.

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