Queen Bee

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2002-03-26 20:25:13 (UTC)

not my ex anymore

thats right hes not my ex anymore. we got back together.
yup. now i dont have a name for him,okay ill call
him..boyfriend. cuz thats what he is. but yeah, we got back
together a few days ago and they have been the best few
days ever. so im happy cuz tings are finally working out.i
have good friends and a great b/f but i think that justin
is mad cuz last night he walked in on me and b/f
doing...stuff and i think hes mad cuz he likes me. anyways
thats what b/f thinks and so do i and i do feel bad for him
but still i have to do what i want for once. andi want to
be with b/f its great. i have jsut been so happy for the
past few days. even before we got ack together i was really
happy. and me and him got together without anyone pushing
and pressuring. cuz last time boy was kinda pushin but its
cool. well i gotta go. bye!! i love you all.

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