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2002-03-26 20:17:29 (UTC)

easter break.

i'm on my easter break(the other week of my two weeks
spring break) right now, and i'm super bored. Can't wait
til i go back to skool. It's not like i'm a nerd or
anythin, it's just that i'm friggin bored at home! Plus a
week after I go back to skool, i get to go to Portland,
Oregon for a band/choir trip with my skool! SWEET, eh?
We're gonna play at an elementary school and a highschool,
and we MIGHT be able to go see 'Riverdance' coz they'll be
in town when we're there. i am super stoked. Two weeks
after we're back from the band trip, our grade (grade 10)
get to go to Strathcona for a week (FUN FUN FUN!!!). BUT
sadly, after all the fun, it's "studying for finals" time!
*gross*. Ok, i'm gonna go finish my Romeo and Juliet
summary! later.

muzic: "All or Nothing" -- O-Town

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